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PLZ HELP!!!! communication

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DEFINITION----Selective listening: Involves focusing only on particualr parts of communication

QUESTION---Selective listening is effective because we focus on the most important parts of a message.

True or False

my only problem is the deffiniton says particular

while the question says most importan
im confused on that part

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    So I may not be correct, but I would say that the answer is False. I say that it is false because it is not an effective form of Communication. Selective listeningis when a person hears another but selects to not hear what is being said by choice or desire to hear some other message. This can take several forms and result in acting out in destructive ways. An example is to become passive aggressive by pretending to hear and agree to what was said when actually your intent is to NOT act on the message, but make the other person think you will. Another form is to act on what you wanted to hear instead of what was said. Continued selective listening is one of the best ways to destroy a relationship. Hope this helps. I would say false because you are focusing on selctive or particular things that you want to hear, or just happen to hear and rarley is it important.

  • PLZ HELP!!!! communication -

    To clarify this, try the following:


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    THE ANSWER IS; False of course! :)
    Selective listening DOES focus on the most important parts of a message, but it isn't always effective!

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