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33. Simplify a^5/a^3
Because I think when it's like that you subtract the two powers.

Simplify sqrt of a^2
How do you do this?

44. Solve 1/2 * [3/4 + 1/2]


47. Solve 1/2*[3/4divided by 1/2]


49. Solve sqrt of -100
a. sqrt of -100
b. -10
c. 10
d. No answer
C? I think C because I don't think there can be a negative inside a square root, but I'm not sure

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    MC; sqrt of a^2 is a, by definition.
    49. THe correct answer is 10sqrt(-1), or as some write it, 10i
    a. is the best choice, but dumb.
    47. yes.
    44. yes

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    I'm not sure what you mean by the first one-33

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    I mean: sqrt a^2= a by definition.

    sqrt 16 = 4

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