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How much energy is needed to melt 0.225 kg of lead so that it can be used to make a lead sinker for fishing? The sample has an initial temperature of 27.3 degrees celsius and is poured in the mold immediately after it has melted.
Not sure if this is relevant to finding the answer but just incase:
Melting point of lead: 327.3 degrees celsius
Boiling point of lead: 1745 degrees celsius
Latent head of fusion for lead: 2.45 x 10^4 J/kg
Latent heat of vaporization for lead: 1.14 x 10^7 J/kg

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    You need to raise the temperature of the lead from 27.3 degrees C to 327.3 degrees C
    heat required = mass * specific heat of lead * (327.3-27.3)

    then melt the lead
    heat to melt = mass * heat of fusion of lead

    You know everything here but the specific heat of lead which you better look up.

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