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Need help with these: [Can you show me the work for them please, if needed?]

3. Simplify (4x)(-2y)
Is the answer -8xy?

5. To which set of numbers does 7.543 belong?
a. rational
b. irrational
c. integer

8. Write an algebraic expression for one-half a number x subtracted from fifty
Is the answer 1/2x-50 ?

9. Write an algebraic expression for the verbal expression: three times the sum of x and y increased by five times the product of x and 3y.
Is the answer: 3(x+y)+5(3yx) ?

12. Name the property used in the equation 17 x c =17. Then solve for c
a. multiplicative identity; c=1
b. transitive; c=2
c. distributive; c=0


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    rational numbers can be written as a fraction:


    8> subtracted FROM 50

    yes, yes on others.

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    I don't know what questions you're referring to, for each of those things?


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    Never mind I got it. Thanks!


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