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After leaving an airport, a plane flies for 1.75h at a speed of 200km/h on a course of 100 degrees. The plane then flies for 2 hours at a speed of 250km/h on a course of 40 degrees. At this time, how far from the airport is the planee?

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    I wonder if you're in my math class....
    I could be wrong with this... but at least here's a possible answer. (It doesn't make much sense)

    x^2=500^2+350^2-2x500x350xcos(60 degrees)=
    444.4 km

    As far as the simple, guaranteed right part goes, remember to multiple 1.75 times 200, and 2 times 250 for the lengths, as that is the time the planes spent flying, so it is the lengths of the sides of your triangle.

    If the answer I gave is actually right, I swear I am a genius.

    But I only have a 95% in the class. Then again, that's the second-highest grade. :P

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