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How do I convert a percent WITH a repeating decimal to a fraction?! I need fast help plz!!

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    list down your questions.

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    47.47% repeating
    262.4% repeating
    66.6% repeating
    53.53% repeating

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    those are the questions above

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    do u mean 47.47% repeating as 47.47777.....

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    no 47.4747474747474747.....

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    well you cant round those off, so say for ex. if you had 47.4747% -- it would be 474747/1000000. you may want to check out the internet for extra information. go on to calculatorsoup . c o m -its a site.

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    when your on that site click on fractions and then click on convert fraction to percent.

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    i mean convert percent to fraction. sorry

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    if you need to convert this to a fraction then it would be like this:




    That's how I would put it.

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    you don't need to add dots at the end of the zero on the 1000000000000000000. There is always an imaginary zero beside every number.

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