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Alright, so I'm doing questions on exponent laws for my grade 11 math couse, and I came across one and I've no idea how to answer it. Could someone please explain step by step? According to textbook, answer should be 16:

(2^3) / [(2^0)-(2^-1)]

That "-1" is a negative exponent in the last bit, just so you know.

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    Some of the exponential laws state that:
    In your case, a=2 (the base).
    So these laws should enable you to evaluate each term of the denominator.

    The answer should indeed be 16.

    I appreciate your having inserted sufficient parentheses to render the expression unambiguous.

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    I hope I'm not asking too much, but it would be ace if you would type out the problem and the path to solving it just so I can compare and see where I'm going wrong?

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    Here it is. Post if help is needed.
    (2^3) / [(2^0)-(2^-1)]
    =8/(1- 1/2¹)
    =8/(1- 1/2)

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