9th grade chemistry

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At what temperature will 50. grams of NH4Cl just saturate 100. grams of water? (the 4 is the number of elements)

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    first find the solubity but i just have an idea. in my country the provide the temp. we just find the solubility and the product

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    oh ok but that still doesn't really help because they do not provide the equation in the chem review book they distributed to us.

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    you don't even need any equation to do this if you know the mass, the no of moles can be calculated from there i.e. no of moles=mass of sub/molar mass
    from there if the volume is given so you will be able to calculate the solubility which is equals to molar concentration

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    lol well have you seen my name?? i cant do this... i figured out other equations but i don't know why i cant figure this one out... oh well i just ask other people to help me because i need someone to show me how to do it right infront of me but thank you for all of your help... i apprecite it very much.

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    Apparently you are studying from a manual of some kind. You say there is no table giving the solubility. Is there a graph? If you have neither, perhaps I can find one on the web.

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    50 degrees Celisius!

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