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Thank you very much for your corrections!
Can you please tell me if the following sentences are possible or mean the same? I really hope you can check them, too.
1) The dragon was enraged but Beowulf did not flinch. He raised his sword and gave a mighty blow at the beast (can you replace "gave a mighty blow" with "delivered a blow at the beast""hit", "struck" or "stabbed" the beast?)
2)Unfortunately, his sword failed and he had to step backwards.
3)All his companions ran away to save their lives except for Wiglaf.This urged his companions to stay and fight the dragon with him.
4)Beowulf gathered his strength together (can you also say "summon his strength") and delivered a great blow with his sword. This time the sword broke over the dragon's head (is "snapped against the dragon's head" possible, too?).
5) The dragon breathed out flames over Beowulf (can you say "he sent out flames over him?)
6)The dragon bit deeply into Beowulf's neck
7) At this point Beowulf made a final effort. He drew out (can you say pulled out) a knife from his belt and stabbed the dragon in the side.
8) He ordered him to take out the treasure from the barrow (or take out of the barrow?)

  1. SraJMcGin

    #1. Any are possible but some are more "sophisticated" than ohers.
    2. fine
    3. Rather than "This" beginning the second sentence, just "He" is good enough because you had just named him.
    4. summoned his strength is more sophisticated. The sword broke is clearer.
    5. "breathed flames over" is sufficient
    6. OK
    7. I like "drew out"
    8. to take the treasure out of the barrow


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