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Find the coordinates of the midpoint for the following equation: y = -2x^2 + 20x + 1.

Your answer should be in the form (x-coordinate, y-coordinate).

(Hint: Find the x-coordinate by using the Midpoint Formula [-b / (2a)]. Then find the y-coordinate by plugging the x-coordinate value into the original equation and solving for “y.”)
How do I even begin???


    y = -2x^2 + 20x + 1
    I will help with this but for the other two just look at them
    What happens for huge negative x?
    What happens for huge positive x?

    for this one follow directions
    -b/2a = -20/-4 = 5
    that means that the graph of this parabola crosses the x axis equal distance left and right of x = 5
    so your axis of symmetry is x = 5
    Now for the y value of the vertex, just solve using x = 5
    y =-2(5)^2 + 20*5 + 1

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