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Thank you very much for your corrections. Can you tell me if the following household chores are possible? Please, let me know if there is a better expression.

I have to:
sweep, vacuum and mop floors
wipe counters, stove top, table and cupboards.
sort the clothes, put them into the washing machine, take them out, place them into a bowl/basket, hang them in the bathroom/on the balcony/out to dry/ hang them on the clothesline and pin them up (so they don’t slip)
do two washes a week
dust the furniture
take the bed linen off the bed, wash them and put new linens on the bed
empty garbage bin
polish the furniture up

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    Yes, all of those tasks are typical in a household. However, in the US and many other places now, many people have clothes dryers. That cuts down enormously to work load. I remember well, all that taking clothes out to a line outside and pinning them up, and taking them down and folding and ironing took a lot of time (in addition to being a mom and teacher ) .

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