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volume of 8.00 grams of hydrogen gas at 32.0 degrees celcius and 1.50 atm

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    That is 3.97 moles of H2 gas. I assume that you know where that came from. I used 1.008 amu for the mass of an H atom. Each H2 molecule has two of them.

    Call 3.97 "n" and use the ideal gas law

    P V = n R T

    where T = 305 K

    You should look up and memorize the appropriate value of R. If you want P to be in atm,
    R = 0.08206 l-atm/mole-K

    OR remember that 1 mole of a gas at 1 atm and 273K (0 C) has a volume of 22.4 l. Your volume per mole be higher because i gets multiplied by a factor 305/273 because of the higher temperature.

  • 10th Grade Honors Chemistry -


  • 10th Grade Honors Chemistry -

    This question is quite simple if you really think about it. well lets see what the problem is asking you to do.
    I did the work and the answer always seems to come as 15.2g
    So the answer is definitely 15.2g

  • 10th Grade Honors Chemistry -

    What is a mole?

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