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what part does religion play in your day to day activities?
what part does religion play in making important moral ?
waht types of prayer do you use most often?
Do you consider jesus a personal friend who makes a difference in your life?
Do you think it is important for the faith of the church to be passed on to the next generation?
what will you do, or what have you done to pass on your faith to your children?
Is your local church community a key part of your life?How?
Do you value each of the sacraments and see their importance in your life?
Do you turn to God when you are frightened, troubled or confused?
How has the influence of religion on the members of your family changed over the years?

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    You answer for me

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    Religion plays no part in my life.

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    I think religion plays a HUGE part in my life, it reminds me i am a good person and God will always be there to help me through the rough times and is there to challenge me when i need it and reward me for doing the right thing!

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