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Math 30

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A popular game show begins with the host reading a question to the contestants. One question involves putting 4 events (A, B, C, and D) in chronological order. What is the probability that the contestant gets the question correct is he or she just guesses?
Recently I asked this question and was given the answer 1/4. When I did it I used 1/4 *1/3*1/2* 1/1= 1/24 I was also told to solve using 4!= 24 So which way is right and when do I know what way to use. Why is it 1/4 instead. Please can some one explain I' so confused.

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    1/4! = 1/24=1/4*1/3*1/2*1/1

    The above is in fact of randomly putting four events in the right order. It is not 1/4.

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