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language expression

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choose the word or phrase that best completes the answers are all at the bottom

1)Vito ______ river rafting next week.

A)had gone

B)is going

C)has been going

D)will have been gone

2)there_____many bicycles for sale in this shop.




J)has been

3)a victory by our team tomorrow____us in first place.


B)had put

C)has put

D)will put

4)the bus______for school just as i was turning the corner.

F)is leaving

G)have left

H)was leaving

J)will be leaving

5)this hybrid apple______more like a pear.



C)have tasted

D)are tasting

for numbers 1-5

1(A) 2(G) 3(D) 4(G) 5(A)

thank you for your time

  • language expression -

    1) B
    4) H
    5) B

  • language expression -

    thank you for your time

  • language expression -

    You're very welcome.

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