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Use the given function values and trigonometric identities (including the relationship between a trigonometric function and its cofunction of a complementary angle) to find the indicated trigonometric functions.

sec Q = 5

tan Q = 2sqrt6

a) cos Q

b) cotQ

c) cot(90 degrees - Q)

d) sin Q

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    Ok, finally , now it makes sense
    And now it is easy.

    given: secQ = 5, then cosQ = 1/5

    So we have a right angles triangle, where the hypotenuse is 5, the side adjacent to angle Q is 1, and the opposite to angle Q is 2√6

    Notice that the second function, tanQ = 2√6 was not necessary, since we can see that from our triangle.

    a) cosQ = 1/5
    b) cotQ = 1/tanQ = 1/(2√6)
    c) cot(90 - Q) = tan Q = 2√6
    d) sinQ = 2√6/5

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