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Hello I have to write a paper and part of the paper is asking for information I am not sure which way to go if some one can please help me with this I would appreciate it the section I am having a problem with is

Explain the criticism of artificiality in the discipline of psychology and apply this criticism to at least three sub-disciplines within psychology.

The sub disciplines i am writing about is Abnormal psychology, social psychology and environmental psychology

I know that Artificiality is the research laboratory where the criticism is people do not believe these experiment are any good because they are not real world. How would I go about placing this with a discipline in psychology can someone please explain or give me a example I would really appreiciate it. Thank Ann

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    Another thing to consider is that the disciplines of any science (and especially psychology) are influenced by the culture in which the discipline is practiced.

    For example, what is defined as abnormal in one culture might not be defined that way in another; e.g., having a "vision" in one culture might be classified as hallucinating in another.

    I hope this gives you a start.

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    What is meant by artificiality in psychology?

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    Experiment conducted somewhere out of the laboratory where it cant be put in real life situations. This it not valid and reliable.

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