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Can you please check the following sentences I need to prepare for tomorrow please? Thank you very much for your help.
1) The healthcare reform, which is expected to become law soon, marks the biggest change to the US system for decades.
2)It provides cover for (or it offers coverage to?) more than 30 million uninsured Americans thus reducing the enormous cost healthcare represents in the USA.
3) The reform was not backed (supported) by the Republicans and by 34 of Obama's democrats.
4)The legislation has proven to be among the most divisive issues in Congress. Obama had to reassure the pro-life lobby that there would be no federal funding for abortions.
5) His father told him that he belonged to the middle state. He had no reason to go to sea since only desperate men or very fortunate men went abroad.
6)In order to dissuade him from going to sea, he also told him that his elder brother had ignored his advice too.
7) Actually, he had run away to the army and had been killed in a battle against the Spaniards.

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