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Hi there,could you help me with the following questions;

1.) Analyze the key features (any asymptotes, intercepts, critical points) and then sketch the graph of the function f(x)= x-0.25/x^2

--> I am unsure about my answers could you tell me if I am correct;
Intercepts: x=0.25 y=0
Asymptotes: Vertical (x=0)/ Horizontal (x=0) f(100)= >0 above and f(-100)= <0 below
Critical points: x=0 and x=0.5

2.) A custom designed large window has the shape of a rectangle with a semicircle added on the top. To ensure adequate illumination, the area of the window needs to be 12m^2. Find the dimension of the window (base and height of the rectangle) if the perimeter is a minimum.
Find the minimum perimeter of the window. They also tell you the base of the rectangle (2r) and the height (h). We can also assume the base of the rectangle (2r) is the base of the semicircle also.

--> I am confused with this question.

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