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Construct a structure chart, as well as a flowchart and pseudocode, for the following problem. Assume that each input record contains a taxpayer’s name, the value of a personal property belonging to the taxpayer, and a code defining the type of of personal property owned. Each type of property is taxed at a unique rate. The codes, property types, and tax rates follow:
Code property type tax rate
1 bike 2 percent of value
2 car 4 percent of value
3 truck 5 percent of value

Your program is to compute the tax for each property and to output a line specifying the taxpayer’s name, value of property, and tax. The program should output counts of the numbers of bikes, cars and trucks for which taxes are computed, with appropriate labels. Include a report heading and column headings, as well as a page number on every page, with 55 detail lines per page. Also include an initial IF and a modular design. Output an error message if the input contains an invalid code value. Assume a code of 0 indicates the end of the input file.

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