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Math 116

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As you are leaving the community, you notice another new community just down the street. Because you are in the area, you decide to inquire about it.

a) The sales representative here tells you they also have two floor plans available, but they only have 30 homes available. Write an equation that illustrates the situation. Use x and y to denote floor plan #1 and floor plan #2 respectively.

b) The representative tells you that floor plan #1 sells for $229,900 and floor plan #2 sells for $399,000. She also mentions that all the available houses combined are worth $9,602,600. Write an equation that illustrates this situation. Use the same variables you used in part a.

c) Use elimination to determine how many houses with each floor plan are available. Show all detail calculations

Can someone help me get started on this I am so confused....


  • Math 116 -

    heres what I think the answer is please tell me if I am correct

    B)I get stuck at costs for homes and elimination method

  • Math 116 -

    I thought this question sounded vaguely familiar

    Looks like the teacher simply changed the numbers since November

  • Math 116 -

    I am stuck on the elimination process it looks like on the other one you began to reduce but I do not understand how you got those numbers?

  • Math 116 -

    I am stuck on this same problem and I looked at what you are saying to do and I do understand the first half but how do you do the second...KIKI I think we are in the same class...

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