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here is the question.

it is a fact that when you add acetone to saturated sodium chloride, the equilibrum shifts towards the right. what observation supports this fact? what is the role of acetone in shifting the equilibrium towards the right side?

What reaction conditions appear to shift the position or equilibrium to favor the formation of solid sodium chloride?

ok so we mixed this in class and what i observed was that when i added acetone the solution got cloudy can anyone help me with this?

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    You must write the equilibrium so we will know which is the right and which is the left. Else explain what shifting to the right and to the left means. NaCl is not very soluble in acetone.

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    Na+(aq)+Cl- --->NaCl(s)

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    Nevermind i don't understand how the question is worded in our homework so i cant really explain it, thanks for trying :)

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