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these questions are:
1. 2.
2x + 5y = 3 2x + y = 3
-x + 3y =-7 5x + 3y = 2


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    If I were you, I would mutiply the bottom left clear through by 2 to get rid of the x's and leave the y's:


    2+-2 opposites add up to zero



    Do the same with the others on the right. -3 as a factor makes the y's go away so you have nothing but x's to do.

    -6x+-3y=-9 and 5x+3y=2 Opposite 3's add up to zero.

    -x=-7 which is the same as x=7

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    Introduce a factor that gives you only one variable letter to work with instead of two. Take -x times 2 to get -2x which adds up to zero when added to 2x. Boom, your x's are gone. Solve for y and use whatever y equals to find x back in the original equations. -3y+3y=0 for the other side, so you can knock out the y's. Figure out x. Go back and figure out y based upon x.

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    thnx i got the answers to that one but now im stuck on elimination using addition and subtraction.

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