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Thank you very much very much for your help. I just wanted to make sure about the grammar in the following sentences, too.
1) He found many things which he wanted to take ashore. Therefore/so, he began searching for a boat in order to transport them to shore.
2) Which Lennon’s song became a special song for peace? Lennon’s song “Give Peace a Chance” became a special song for the peace.
3) In which other Lennon’s song is there a strong anti-war message?
4) Whose country was Vietnam a colony? Before World War II Vietnam was a French colony.
5) In how many parts did Vietnam divide after World War II?
When did the American government send troops to Vietnam?
6)Until when did the war last?
7)Which kind of music was an important part of the peace movement? Folk and rock music were an important part of the peace movement.
8) What kind of festival was Woodstock? Woodstock was a three-day music and peace festival.
9) Which letters does the peace symbol use?

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