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Could someone please help with this question.

State the properties of y = 2sec(-2x + 180°) + 3.

My answer:

First I graphed y = 2sec(-2x + 180°) + 3 in the following way.

1)graph y=sec(x)
2) apply a horizontal compression by a factor of 1/2.
3) apply a vertical expansion by a factor of 2.
4)apply a reflection in the y-axis( this has no effect).
5) apply a horizontal translation of 90 degrees to the right.
7)apply a vertical translation of 3 units upward to obtain the final graph.

Now that the function is graphed, I can clearly see its properties.

Period= 180 degrees
domain= { x such that x does not = ...-135, -45, 45 135....}
Range= { y such that 1>=y>=5}
Vertical asymptotes= ...-135, -45, 45 135....
y-intercept = (0,1)

In this correct? Thanks.

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