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bsa 375

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Why is a systems development process needed?
What is the objective of each phase of the SDLC? Describe briefly?
How important are feasibility studies. The text mentions four types of feasibility studies: operational, technical, economic, and schedule. In your own words, how would you define these studies? Is one study more important than another? Why or why not?

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    What in the world is bsa 375?

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    I will be happy to critique your thinking on this. On the last part, remember that the purpose of the feasibility study is to codify the risk factors on cost, schedule, performance objectives. Without risk known, it is anybody's guess what will happen,or cost.
    Which study is more important? Depends on the risk factors. In my experience as a project manager, they are interrelated: one cannot have risk alone in cost, it always reflects in schedule, and performance, and vice versa.

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