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10. The mouth, small intestine, and kidneys have functions that involve the
a. digestion of food, synthesis of vitamins, and filtering of the blood
b. intake, digestion, absorption, and elimination of food and wastes
c. secretion of bile, digestion of food, and reabsorption of water
d. all of the above


13. As urine passes through the nephrons in the kidneys, urine from the renal tubule empties into a larger tube called a (n)
a. ureter
b. collecting tube
c. Bowman's capsule
d. renal vein


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    10. Ofcourse not. Kidneys don't secrete bile, nor synethesis of least here in Texas.
    13. Nope. They empty into the collecting tube.

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    Well, if it's not done in Texas, it probably also isn't done in Georgia... =]


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