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How much heat is absorbed/released when 35.00 g of NH3(g) reacts in the presence of excess O2(g) to produce NO(g) and H2O(l) according to the following chemical equation?



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    i got 601.1 are released is that right?

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    Is that 1168 kJ/mole or 1168 kJ/reaction?
    And is the problem not telling whether it is absorbed/released on purpose?

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    yeah it just says rleased/absorbed i guess that's what they want you to find out im not sure what you mean by 1168 kJ/mole or 1168 kJ/reaction?

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    Is that 1168 kJ for the reaction (4 moles NH3 or 68 grams) or kJ/mol (for 17 grams).

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    Yes, 601 kJ is right and it is released; i.e., the 1168 is -1168 kJ for the reaction as written.
    1168 x (35.0/68) = 601 kJ released or delta H = -601 kJ.

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