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I only have one question on this script that I need help on. This script is different and is called NO SMOKING by jacinto benavente. It is pretty good. I actually found a link to this script and here it is:

I can't actually post the link on here but you go to Google Books and type in: no smoking jacinto benavente
Then you click one limited view and full view and you click on the 1st book. I would appreciate it if you could read that, but I really don't want to waste any of your time for that, anyways thanks:-)

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    I think this is what you want.


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    Did you click on preview and full view, because that's not what I got. I went to google first and then I clicked on google books, after that I typed in: no smoking jacinto benavente, and I clicked on preview and full view.

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    It won't make much sense if I just post that question onto here.

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    Sorry. I did that -- and that was the link I found.

    What question do you have about this play.

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    My question: What really happened in the compartment as the train passed through the tunnel? Quote atleast two passages from the text in support of your opinion.

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    OK. I read the play at the site I posted.

    This is YOUR opinion. What do you think happened?

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    I don't actually know what happened, that's the part that I just didn't understand. It only says that the lady pinches the gentleman on the arm. I can't make sense out of it. My teacher is not sure either of what happened. It is confusing.

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    I think it's meant to be confusing. The author wants the reader to use his/her imagination. However, wasn't it the young lady who was pinched?

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    Yeah, seriously that's what I had thought of at first, but then I thought that maybe the lady was talking to the gentleman. My first thought was that I thought that the lady had pinched her daughter, and then her daughter looked at the gentleman, and then the lady said that It was I who pinched you and not the gentleman.

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    I just need an explanation on this question.

    It says. why does the lady think it is necessary to make her daughter ride with her head out the window.

    I wrote: I think the lady thinks that it is necessary for her daughter to ride with her head out the window because then she won't be able to hear all the inappropriate conversations going on in the train.

    The second part to this which I do not understand is:

    Give 2 reasons why she need not have bothered to take this precaution.

    What is the part actually asking. Is it asking to give two reasons on why she didn't even have to bother to do that with her daughter?

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    Yes. You've interpreted the question correctly.

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