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21. Discuss in an essay the various factors that are considered in design analysis.

There are various factors that are considered in design analysis. In design analysis, designers have to carefully evaluate a design in terms of function, specifications, human factors, market acceptance, and economics.
It is true that every product, structure, or technological system is designed to meet human needs or wants. The degree to which the product meets its goal is called functional analysis. It helps answer the basic questions such as “Will the device operate effectively under the conditions for which it was designed?”
Every product must also meet certain specifications. These may be given in terms of size, weight, speed, accuracy, strength, or a number of other factors. However, excessive specifications will add to the cost of the product. Also, specifications must relate to the material and manufacturing process to be used. Since all products are designed to meet human needs, devices and structures must be designed for the people who will use them, travel in them, or live and work in them. This is the focus of human factors analysis, also known as ergonomics. This field of science considers the size and movement of the human body, mental attitudes and abilities, and sense such as hearing, sight, taste, and touch.
Products are sold to customers, who may be the general public, government agencies, or businesses. During a design activity the market for the product must be studied, and then the design must be analyzed in terms of that market. Market analysis includes finding customer expectations for the product’s appearance, function, and cost. It also includes studying present and anticipated competition.
Lastly, most technological devices and structures are developed by private companies who risk money to develop, produce, and market the items. As a reward, they hope to make a profit for their entrepreneurship. A financial analysis for the new product is made, to increase their chances of success. The product is then studied in terms of the costs of development, production, and marketing. These things are compared with expected sales income to determine the financial wisdom for producing the product.

Is this ok?

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    I would have discussed reliability, reproducibility, and risk. Some products have environmental concerns, especially those products with heavy metals or radioactive components. I think you missed an important point in all this: Yes, all these things are considered, then tradeoffs occur in the design to optimize these factors. That is the essence of design. In practice, this is the important and difficult part of the design process. Frankly, that to me would enlighten your paper with a practical thesis.

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