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5th grade

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What are the stresses of the words dozen, voyage, forbid, native, language, destroy, notice, distance, carrot, knowledge, captive, spinach, solid, justice, ashamed, program, message, respond, service, and relative??? I suck at these.........I always try but get bad grades on it. So I asked my dad because he is really smart. I asked him and he said he has never been good at them either. He said every syllable sounds the same and that's how I feel. I always ask my teacher too but I don't get it because she says VOYage see! I'm saying it with feeling! I'm trying to figure this out for homework, but I can't it's way to hard for me so I'm just trying to get some help.

  • 5th grade -

    The best way to find the stresses is to look each word up in a dictionary.

    For instance, I checked this dictionary:

    It shows voyage pronounced this way [voi-ij]

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