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the radius is 6.what is the area and circumference?

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    Formula for area of a circle is πr^2
    Formula for circumference is 2πr or πD where D is diameter which is double the radius.

    Now, try do the math...I will be glad to check your work.

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    area = pi r^2
    circumference = 2 pi r

    pi is about 3.14159

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    Area = pi * r^2
    A = 3.14 * 36
    A = ?

    C = pi * d
    C = 3.14 * 12
    C = ?

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    Let me give a similar example...the radius of a circle is 5cm. What is the area and circumference.
    Area = πr^2 = π5^2 = 25π.
    Circumference = 2 x π x 5 = 10π

    The value for π is 3.142 but since this is a 5th grade math sum, i doubt they'll want you to calculate using the value of π.

    Now, try the sum u were given and see if you get the correct answer. I will be glad to help you through.

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