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1.30 mol each of CO} and Cl2 are introduced into an evacuated 1.80 L flask, and the following equilibrium is established at 668 K.

CO + Cl2 +++> COCl2 kp = 22.5

Calculate partial pressure of COCl2. i get about 30.9. but its wrong. i solved for x, COCL2/CO*Cl2, using ICE formula, converted everything to molarity, then to moles, then using ideal gas law. still cant get it.

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    If I work this I don't get 30.9 but 38.28 atm. I wonder why you converted to molarity since Kp is given and they want the answer in partial pressure COCl2?
    I used PV = nRT. Plug in the numbers and obtain PCO and PCl2. Something like 39.6 atm or so. Then set up the ICE chart using atm and it becomes
    x/(39.6-x)^2 = 22.5 and solve for x.

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