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Language Analysis

Please help me find persuasive techniques/statements in the following article..

I've never done this before, and I've "stewed" over the subject for the last couple of days, but I'm absolutely incensed that the Victorian Government will be tossing in money to bring Tiger Woods to Australia for a "golf game". I'm not even a Victorian, but a this moment I'm feeling pretty "ripped off". This country came together as a whole not 6 weeks ago and dug deep for our Victorian mates to get back on their feet after those devastating bush fires. To think that the Victorian Government has money in it's coffers to pay a bloke, whom lets face it doesn't need the money, to come here and play a game of golf is just the most ludicrous thing I think I've heard of late. Surely that money could go to the odd hospital, school perhaps or even "God forbid", the forestry people to ensure that they can clean up their bushland and put in place measures to make sure that devastation of that caliber never happens again. We have been hearing, seeing, reading on a daily basis about the "economic crisis", about high flying executives getting huge payouts and the loss of jobs, and manufacturing of Aussie goods to overseas. Tell me then how can the VIC Government justify this expenditure? Golf Game - For those lucky enough to afford it. - Wonder how many Victorian Bushfire Victims will be able to attend. Tiger Woods - Who cares!! - He'll be another who takes his money off shore. The Cost - Again what's a person really worth?

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    Because the subject is language analysis, first of all, it's not clear if this is an article you wrote or someone else? The author's point of view is very clear. Just how does one change another's mind? Perhaps you can get some ideas from some of the following sites:



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    Its a letter to the editor we are analysing.

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    i am asked to write about a group of adult who are illiterate using all the techniques of persuasion but i don't understand how to do it can you help please.

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