BIS 155 Data Analysis w/Spreadsheet

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How would I begin to compile data into useable data in using Excel?

  • BIS 115 -

    A primary challenge for every company is to recognize and respond to the needs of its stakeholders. Stakeholders are all the people or entities who are impacted by the policies and actions of a business, including bankers/lenders, community, customers dealers/retailers, employees, environment, government, media, stockholders, suppliers/vendors.
    Chose any publicly-traded company and write a paper that identifies who are at least five of that company’s stakeholders from the list above. Explain what efforts the company is currently making in order to respond to each of the five stakeholders’ needs. Also, make a recommendation of one more action the company could take to respond to stakeholder need that the company is not currently doing.
    Total of 300 words.

  • BIS 155 Data Analysis w/Spreadsheet -

    what is means

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