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23. Since DNA sequences in humans and chimpanzees are very similar
a. humans must have evolved from chimpanzees
b. chimpanzees must have single-stranded DNA
c. humans and chimpanzees must have a recent common ancestor
d. humans and chimpanzees are the same biological species
Not sure...?

26. Fish reproduce by all of the following ways EXCEPT
a. external fertilization, eggs
b. internal fertilization, live birth
c. internal fertilization, eggs
d. external fertilization, live birth

30. Which of the following is usually characteristic of reproduction in a terrestrial environment?
a. external fertilization
b. internal fertilization
c. water-permeable eggs with no shells
d. both a and c

33. Characteristics that give birds the energy they need to fly long distances are
a. strong breast muscles and wings
b. aerodynamic feathers and lightweight bones
c. divided ventricle and air sac in lungs
d. endothermic metabolism and fused bones
I was kind of stuck on this one, since I think it's all of them but I think it might be C?


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    23. I don't know about single-stranded DNA, but I know humans did not evolve from chimpanzees. And we sure are not the same species. Anthropologists believe humans and chimps have a common ancestor.

    26 and 30. I'm not sure, but I think you're right.

    33. Isn't the key word "energy?" It seems to me that only one answer pertains to energy.

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