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I found it difficult to rephrase a few sentences taken from Stevenson's D Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I included them into inverted commas. i really hope you can help me clarify their meanings.
1) Utterson decided to look for Mr.Hyde. As he was waiting for him at the entrance to his house, he heard his steps approaching (or getting closer?) as he was turning the end (getting to the end?) of the street. 2) He was a small, plainly-dressed man and his appearance shocked him. Something revolting characterised his body. (“The look of him went somehow strongly against the watcher’s inclination").
3) Mr Hyde made straight for the door and took a key out of his pocket. At this point Mr Utterson came up to him ,touched him on the shoulder and addressed him by his name.
4) Mr Hyde immediately backed away from him (as out of fear) with a “hissing intake of the breath” (how can I rephrase it? Taking a deep breath?) and then asked him how he got to know his name.
5) Mr Utterson introduced himself as an old friend of Dr Jekyll’s and asked him to be able to see his face (or to let him see his face?)
6) Mr Hyde hesitated but then “he fronted about with an air of defiance” (does it mean “he frowned defiantly?) and he stared at him for a few seconds.
7) Then Mr Hyde gave him his address and Mr Utterson suspected that he knew about Mr Jekyll’s will.
8) Finally, Hyde asked how Utterson knew him, and the lawyer replied by description, claiming that they had common friends, Dr Jekyll for instance.
9) Hyde angrily answered that Jekyll never told him anything and disappeared into the house.

Thank you

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    Look at all the "he"s in sentences 1. and 2. To whom does each one refer?

    Remember, I suggested keep it simple and to the point.

    Example. As Mr Hyde opened the door of his home, Utterson touched him on the shoulder and said, "Mr. Hyde."

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    explain the context o romeo romeo wherefore art thou romeo?

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