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Whats Wrong with my thesis on Great migration?

The Great migration was the movement of African Americans traveling from the South to the north in search for jobs.

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    This is a statement of fact, not a thesis statement. There is no indication of what YOU THINK about these facts. In order to be a thesis statement, you need to include your opinion or position or stance on the topic.


    This is one of the very best places I've seen online to help students write good thesis statements. It shows you sentences that aren't thesis statements and how to turn each one into real thesis statements.

    Just remember: your thesis statement must include factual information plus your position/opinion/stance. Without your position on the topic, it isn't a true thesis statement. So think of this sentence as the angle you want to take on the topic and what you intend to prove by the end of your paper. (If your statement is simply factual, then there's nothing to prove!)

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