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I need help on these questions. I'd really appreciate if Ms. Sue helped me out, since she's an awesome tutor. =)

1. In their 1994 Contract with America, Republicans pledged to

A. renew the "Star Wars" initiative (what is the "Star Wars" initiative anyway?)
B. end federal welfare spending entirely
C. balance the budget
D. increase taxes


2. Critics of the Great Society complained that it

A. helped only the middle class
B. gave the federal government too much authority
C. spent too little money
D. gave local communities too much governmental power


3. Which of the following best describes Kennedy's domestic policy success?

A. Congress supported nearly all his programs, bust most were failures
B. He had won a popular mandate that made passage of his programs easy
C. He rarely succeeded in pushing legislation through Congress
D. He launched a remarkable reform program that altered American society


I'd appreciate the help ASAP! Thank you! <3

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    They are all correct! :-)

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    Yay, thanks for checking up on them for me! :D I just have a question..what do they mean by the "Star Wars" initiative? I'm curious to know what that's all about. Thanks!

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    It's been really great to read your blog for so long, Paula. Thank you for shrniag all of your adventures and your thoughts with us, and good luck with all the new things you have going on! (:

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