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Thank you very much. I was pleased I didn't make any mistakes this time.
I still have a few more sentences I forgot to post to you.

1)The hero of the novel was always the bourgeois man with his problems. He was generally the mouthpiece of the author. The reader was expected to sympathise with him.
2.Reference was made to names of countries, streets and towns. Interiors were described in detail.
3.The sense of reward and punishment was linked to the Puritan ethics of the middle class.
4) Can you say "his father had him receive house-education?"
5)She would like him to take up Calstra’s special trial period offer and see how much he can save.
6)He apologized to his flatmate for leaving early but he had to go for a dentist's appointment (or just He had an appointment with the dentist?)

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    6. - either

    4. = is that like "Home-Schooling?"


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