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Hello. I was wondering if someone can review my attempt to scan & indicate the ryhme scheme of the following lines from John Keats's "Ode on a Grecian Urn" ?

When / old age / shall this gene/ration waste, ___

Thou/ shalt re/main, in mid/st of other woe ___

Than ours, a fri/end to man, to whom thou/ say'st, ___

Beau/ty is truth/, truth beau/ty,--that is all ___

Ye know/ on ear/th, and ye need to know/ ___

Ryhme Scheme: ABACB

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    The rhyme scheme is correct.

    I'm not sure about the scansion, though. What poetic feet are you indicating in each line??

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    The first line has heptameter , next one is octameter. The third I believe, is petameter, and the fourth is octameter. The last line I'm not sure on.

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    Hey Tamir, I think we have the same class if you don't mind we can help each other. That is if you still have work to do. if not its fine.

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