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Hello! I had to read a novel and do a work about it
I told what I read
Can you above all correct me the tenses?

The narrator, an old banker, was remembering how, fifteen years before he had given a party. There had been many clever men, they had talked of capital punishment. The majority of the guests had disapproved of the death penalty. In the opinion of some of them, the death penalty ought to be replaced by imprisonment for life. The narrator had prefered being killed in a few minutes to drag the life out of himself in the course of many years. However a young lawyer had not agreed with him, he had tought that to live anyhow had been better than not at all. Then, the narrator their host had been carried away by excitement, he would bet him two millions he wouldn't stay in solitary confinement for five years. The young man took the bet but he would stay not five but fifteen years. The narrator made fun of him. And now the banker remembered all this and he asked himself if it could prove that the death penalty was better or worse than imprisonment for life. It have been nonsensical. After that it had been decided that the young man should spend the years of captivity in one of the lodges in the banker's garden. He should not to be free to see human beeings, to hear the human voice , or to receive letters and newspapers. For the first year of his confinement, he had suffered from loneliness and depression. Day and night, he used to play the piano. In the second year, he had only read books. In the fifth year,
he had began to drink some wine. More than once, he could be heard crying. During many years, he had studied the languages, philosophy and history. In the last years, he had read the gospels and Shakespeare. The old banker remebered all this, the next day at twelwe o'clock the young man would regain his freedom. Falling in his investments, the self-confindent millionnaire became a banker of middling rank. If he would pay him, he should be utterly ruined and the disgrace was the death of that man. So, during the last night, he visited the young man in the lodge. The skeleton man was sleeping,, the narrator took a letter from his desk. In that letter, the young man told God that he despised his world because all would be worthless, illusory and deceptive.

Then, he renounced the two millions of which he had dreamed as of paradise. He should go out five hours before the time fixed. Next morning, it was true, he had disappear.

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    please? If you want I can help you on or in french( i'm) and spanish

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    ***Can you correct me the tenses?***

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