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Can someone help me solve the following....using elimination methods



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    For 1), just muttiply the bottom one by -7 throughout to get 28x+-7y=-175. 7 and -7 add to 0, so you have gotten rid of the y's. 31x=-132 divide both sides to get what your x is and then use that x to go back and find y.

    For 2) the best first move to make is multiply through by 3 on the bottom because then you get 21y + -9x = -42. Positive and negative 9 x add up to zero. All you have to deal with now are the y's. 12 y= -6 divide both sides and now you have a y with which to find x.

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    would the answer to number 1 be

    would the answer to number 2 be


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