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Two current carrying wires cross at right angles (like a + sign).

Wire 1 has current directed horizontally to the left. Wire 2 has current directed vertically up.

If the wires are not restrained, what statement best describes the motion of the wires?

A) Wire 1 moves out of the page; Wire 2 moves into the page
B) Wire 1 rotates clockwise; Wire 2 rotates counterclockwise
C) Wire 1 rotates counterclockwise; Wire 2 rotates clockwise
D) Wire 1 moves up; Wire 2 moves to the left
E) Wire 1 moves down; Wire 2 moves to the right

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    The wires will rotate until the magnetic fields are in the same direction.

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    I am still confused as to which direction the wires will rotate.
    Using the right hand rule, I found that the magnetic field of both wires will rotate counterclockwise (if you look from above and from the left side).

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    Nevermind I figured it out thanks.

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    i don't get it

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