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State whether each of the following aqueous solutions would be acidic, basic, or neutral. Include appropriate net-ionic equations to show why a given solution is acidic or basic.

a) NaNO3
c)50:50 mixture of C6H5CO2H+KC6H5CO2
e)50:50 mixture of CH3NH2+(CH3NH3)Cl
f)50:50 mixture of 0.1M NaBr +0.1M HBr

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    It's important that you know how to do this on your own. Specifically, what do you not understand about how to do this?

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    How do we figure out which one is basic, acidic, or neutral from the start? How can you tell if it donates an H+ ion or not?
    Im just not sure how to approach these.

    Thank you.

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