Spring Break

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Can I still ask you guys for help during the week of March 15-19?

I have a feeling that you won't be available during the break.

  • Spring Break -

    We are here 24/7, every day of the year. Most questions are answered in an hour or two. Since we are paid nothing, time-and-a-half for overtime is cheap, too.

    Thanks for using Jiskha

  • Spring Break -

    Bravo, DrWLS. Well said!!

    Yes, we'll be around!


  • Spring Break -

    For me, (retired), almost every week is like "March Break". As a matter of fact I will avoid going on any holidays during March break, since I can go anytime, lol.

    My dear wife and I just spent an overnight in Niagara Falls, the place yesterday and today was almost deserted, but will be chaotic starting tomorrow.

    So bring on the math questions.

  • Spring Break -

    Reiny beat me to it but I was about to say that every day is a spring break for me.

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