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Hi I need help figuring out these to word problems.

Tom has created a scale drawing of his property for use in designing a landscape plan. 1 in on is drawing corresponds to 12 ft. There is a pond that is 112 ft. long on his property. How long will it appear on the drawing? Round your answer to the nearest 0.5 in

Suppose that Barry Bonds has 148 hits in 500 at bats. How many hits does he need in his next 10 at bats to raise his batting average to .300?

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    Let's set up a proportion, cross multiply and solve for x.

    1/12 = x/112
    12x = 112
    x = 9.33 = 9.5 inches

    0.3 * 500 = 150

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    I understand the first concept, but I can't make out how you figured out the second word problem. How did you get 0.3?

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    batting average is a per 1000. So 356 is really an average of .356

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    I think the problem states the next 10 at bats so 0.3 x 510 = 153 hits needed. He already has 148 so he needs 5 more hits in his next 10 at bats. Or did I miss something?

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    Suppose that Barry Bonds has 148 hits in 500 at bats. How many hits does he need in his next 10 at bats to raise his batting average to .300?

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