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Can you check the grammar in the following statements I need to prepare for tomorrow, please? I just want to make sure that the use of the prepositions and pronouns is correct.
Thank you very much in advance.

1)A simile is a stated comparison between two dissimilar things (made explicit: a synonym?) through the use of a word of comparison.
2)The poet considers the wind like (or as) a guest, a timid mad who is tapping at the poet’s door in order to be let in.
3)The wind is presented like a guest / the poet is described as a guest (is the use of like, as correct? She, like a host, invited him to enter OR She invited him to enter like a host?
4)She couldn’t offer him a chair because it was like offering a sofa to the air OR to offer the wind a chair was as impossible as to offer a sofa to the air.
5)The poet is the host and the wind is the guest. (is the meaning of the two words correct?)
6)He tapped at the poet’s door (can you replace tapped with “hit lightly?)7)The narrator can be a first-person narrator: he is a character in the story and uses the first person voice (is it correct to use the colon?)

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