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12th grade

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A bicycle wheel has a radius of 0.330 m and a rim whose mass is 1.20 kg. The wheel has 50 spokes, each with a mass of 0.010 kg.

a.) Calculate the moment of inertia of the rim about the axle.

b.) Determine the moment of inertia of any one spoke, assuming it to be a long, thin rod that can rotate about one end.

c.) Find the total moment of inertia of the wheel, including the rim and all 50 spokes.

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    a. The moment contribution of the rim is
    Irim = Mrim * R^2

    b. The moment contribution of one spoke is
    Ispoke = (Mspoke*R^2)/3

    c. Add them up. Remember to multiply the single spoke contribution by 50.

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