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Need help identify logical mistake, in this paragragh.
People are overreacting and taking this so seriously, blowing it completely out of proportion. There was no harm done and I don’t see why they are making it a big deal. I seriously doubt any controller would put a kid on the communications system thinking that it would degrade their performance or safety. I think one of the real problems is the pilot and us the public have no idea if the dad is constantly watching what he is supposed to be doing. There is no difference between a child and an adult saying "Cleared for takeoff" and "Contact departure". Get over it people. The kids weren't "directing" air traffic. All this fussing because they are kids? Come on. Why did it matter who
communicated it to the pilot? Is it because a child said it instead of his dad? If so, why did one of the pilots tell the child he did "an awesome job"? This is just another over-reaction in our society.

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